8 Most Common Indoor Bonsai Trees

After one of my readers left a comment asking, I figured I should right a little list of the 8 most common indoor bonsai trees, to make choosing the perfect tree just a little bit easier!


Contrary to belief, not all bonsai trees are meant to be grown indoors, only sub-tropical or tropical tree species can be indoor bonsai. The most common indoor bonsai trees are the Ficus, Hawaiian Umbrella, Jade, Fukien Tea and Chinese Elm. These species can tolerate the heat and humidity of indoor growth extremely well. Keep reading for more information…


1. Ficus Bonsai

Photo Credit – Indoorbonsai.biz
The Ficus is an extremely common bonsai tree, especially with beginners as it’s extremely easy to look after. It originates from Southeast Asia, so this tree thrives in a warm, humid climate that can easily be achieved growing indoors throughout the year.


These trees are fairly easy to look after, although very fast growing and extremely thirsty all year round. For in-depth care information, have a read of my Full Ficus Bonsai Care Guide.


2. Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai

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The Hawaiian Umbrella is a very common indoor bonsai tree and for good reason! This tree can withstand the warmth and humidity it gets in an indoor environment, making it a very simple tree to cultivate. Beyond that, this species tolerates under-watering fairly well, making it perfect for newbie or forgetful owners.


3. Jade Bonsai

Photo From Littlejadebonsai
Another very popular bonsai tree is the Jade. This species, originating from Africa, makes a perfect indoor bonsai as it tolerates the environment extremely well. The Jade bonsai is a great tree for those without green thumbs as it can store a huge amount of water in the trunk and branches. The stored water, due to the Jade being a succulent, means it can tolerate a fair amount of under watering!


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4. Fukien Tea Bonsai

The Fukien Tea bonsai is a great choice for an indoor bonsai tree as it really thrives in a hot, humid, well lit environment that can be achieved in certain indoor areas. This species makes for a really aesthetic bonsai as it’s easy to prune the foliage into some amazing representations of nature. For more information about this tree, have a read of my Fukien Tea Bonsai Care Guide!


5. Chinese Elm Bonsai

Photo Credit – CryptoKing21 On Reddit
The Chinese Elm makes a perfect bonsai tree as it can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on your climate and preferences. It’s very resilient to cold snaps or very hot climates, making it very simple for beginners to cultivate. Not only that, it has very predictable foliage growth meaning it can easily be pruned into a really stunning bonsai tree with little effort.


I actually started bonsai with a Chinese Elm, in-fact this exact starter kit from Amazon! If you want more information about this species, have a read of my Chinese Elm Care Guide!


6. Sageretia Bonsai

Photo From Mistralbonsai
The Sageretia is a great indoor bonsai tree for beginners and it’s becoming a lot more popular. These trees are extremely fast growers so they can make very interesting trees, especially for newbie owners! This tree thrives indoors but does need a good quality of fresh air, so placing it by a window that gets frequently opened could be very effective.


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7. Olive Bonsai

Photo From Bonsaiempire
Although relatively new to being used for bonsai, olive trees can make great indoor bonsai with very minimal care needed! These guys just love sun, as much of it as they can get, all the time so a really sunny window in your house would work. Olive trees store a huge amount of water so it can go a long time without watering and the harsh sunlight drying the soil out won’t kill this bonsai!


8. Myrtle Bonsai

The Myrtle bonsai tree is another great indoor bonsai and it’s rapid growth makes it great fun for newer owners. They thrive off the heat and humidity that comes with living indoors but if they are placed in a window that gets a lot of sunlight through the summer it may actually be too warm for them, so shielding them from at least some of the sun in summer would be advised.


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