Are Bonsai Trees Lucky?

I was showing one of my friends my bonsai tree and before I really had time to say much about the tree he said, ‘are Bonsai trees lucky?’. I had literally never thought about this before, so I found the answer.


Bonsai is an ancient art, it has nothing to do with bringing luck, despite what some people may think. Bonsai has no real symbolism, it’s down to you to decide what it means to you. Let me elaborate. 


are bonsai trees lucky


Bonsai, although not lucky, to many people symbolises peace, balance and harmony.


When you are cultivating a bonsai, you’re dancing with the life and death of the tree. You’re pushing the ability of the bonsai to survive, when you’re wiring, aggressively pruning, repotting and managing the roots of the tree, simply for the idea of creating something beautiful.


Time plays a huge role in bonsai, much like in humans. Our character develops over time, moulding us into what we have become today. If you step back and look at how trees bonsai trees develop over time, we are extremely similar. Scars, weathering, ageing.


Bonsai, unlike most people think, aren’t some genetically mutated or ‘lucky’ tree that will bring money to your household. It’s a carefully, meticulously crafted work of art. Art that is pushed to the edge of death, multiple times over a long period of time to create something so beautiful that will most likely outlive its’ owner.


For me, bonsai brings no luck and that’s never been what it’s about for me. I enjoy bonsai for the peace, the relaxation and the creativity. Shaping my trees, deliberately scaring my trees, knowing that I am pushing the boundaries of what the bonsai can survive, with the hope of healing the tree and it becoming something greater. As crazy as it sounds, when you own bonsai trees for a long time, you’re so in tune with the tree and it’s needs – it’s a beautiful thing.


Don’t take it as a rule, if you believe bonsai bring you luck then stick with it. All I am saying is that from personal experience and research, it seems that bonsai have no correlation or history with luck or being lucky.


Bonsai Symbolising Luck In Feng Shui 


Some people believe that displaying a bonsai tree in your home will actually bring you a lot of luck. Although this is a nice sentiment to have, besides a few sub-tropical trees, bonsai need to be grown outdoors the majority of the year, as they’re still genetically just normal trees.


If you’re looking to display a bonsai in your home to bring luck, it’s worth identifying the species before bringing it indoors, to make sure that it will actually survive. The majority of bonsai trees that are grown indoors can become extremely weak compared to those grown outdoors – but I guess it’s worth it if you believe it brings you good fortune and luck.

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