How To Grow Bonsai Tree From Seed (Step By Step Guide)

Recently I have been trying to get my hands on a White Pine bonsai tree but I haven’t been able to find one in my local area – this is when I started looking into growing my own! I have been doing a lot of research and put together a beginner friendly step by step guide on how to grow a bonsai tree from seeds!


The art of Misho, starting a bonsai from a seed, has long been seen as the best way to grow bonsai as you have complete creative freedom over the tree since the beginning. Growing bonsai trees from seed isn’t quick, you’re looking at 15 years until you have a magnificent bonsai tree but the fact you can style the tree during its whole lifetime can lead to some absolutely incredible bonsai. Keep reading to learn how to grow a bonsai tree from seed…

Is It Hard To Grow A Bonsai Tree From Seed?

For beginners, growing a bonsai from seed can be tricky as you have to try and reproduce the certain conditions needed to actually germinate. Beyond that, the process is extremely simple and can be undertaken by anyone of any experience level without any trouble. Once planted, keeping the tree alive for the next however many years is going to be the hardest part for most people, not the actual initial growing stage!


It’s worth pointing out that bonsai tree are not genetic freaks, they’re exactly the same genetically as any full sized tree. There is no real secret or special technique to growing a full sized tree, nor a bonsai tree – they’re grown from the same seeds, need the same nutrients and are grown from the same seeds. Bonsai trees are only smaller than a full sized tree due to the roots being confined in a tiny pot, which stunts growth of the tree. Most bonsai trees are frequently pruned as well, leading to it appearing to not really grow and stay relatively small but they are not genetically any different.


Although the process is straight forward, it’s going to take a very long time to grow and this might put a lot of people off the idea of growing from seed. Another great alternative, that I actually much prefer, is to create a bonsai tree using a nursery tree. I have a full guide here on how to create a bonsai tree in minutes, it’s going to save you years of waiting for the tree to grow.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Grow A Bonsai Tree From Seed?

The best way to grow a bonsai tree is to try and provide the exact same conditions as a tree would get in nature but just in a pot. This ideology stays true when it comes to actually growing a tree from seed as well, we want to replicate nature – therefore, autumn is going to be the most effective time of year to start the process. Doing this in autumn means you don’t need to try and provide any artificial conditions for growth and the following summer will be perfect for growth as it should start germinating in springtime.

Growing A Bonsai Tree From Seed – Step By Step Guide

What You Will Need –


Step 1 – Pour some Lava Rock into the tray to cover the bottom of the pot.
Step 2 – Cover over the top of that with your bonsai soil mix.
Step 3 – Put your seeds on the top of the soil, growing more than one increases your chances of success.
Step 4 – Add another 2 centimeters of bonsai soil over the top of the seeds.
Step 5 – Water the soil lightly and keep the moisture level good for the coming weeks.


Buying trained bonsai trees can be extremely expensive and hard to find exactly what you want, so growing a bonsai tree from seed can be a great alternative for sure. It’s worth baring in mind that this isn’t a speedy en-devour by any means, it’s going to take many years before you have a bonsai tree that can be pruned and styled into your vision. Providing the growing process goes well and the tree remains healthy, 10-15 years is about the length of time you’re looking at before you have a nicely sized bonsai.


If you give this a try or have any other little tips and tricks for growing bonsai from seeds, let me know in the comments!


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