Bonsai starter trees

This beautiful 7 year old Chinese Elm is the perfect bonsai tree for beginners and the tree I actually started with!

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This starter kit is the perfect gift, complete with pruning scissors, bonsai feed and a beautiful Chinese Elm bonsai!

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bonsai Tools And supplies

The perfect set for someone seriously into bonsai! This 6 piece Carbon set comes complete with everything you will need to prune your bonsai.

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This bonsai pruning kit comes with 14 pieces, to take care of all of your pruning needs! Every bonsai enthusiast needs a kit like this in their arsenal.

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Looking for a cheap and cheerful bonsai pruning set? This is the perfect set for you!

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128 Feet of bonsai wire to shape your bonsai trees! The 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm wire comes with a pair of a set of cutting pliers!

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A good bonsai potting mix is crucial to growing a strong, healthy tree.

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This mix is essential if you’re looking to repot one of your bonsai trees.

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This is the mesh I have started using in my bonsai pots recently, whenever I repot!

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If you’re getting really into bonsai, it’s always good to have some plastic bonsai pots handy for new trees!

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bonsai books

This book formed the foundation for my knowledge and actually kept my first bonsai alive!

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101 Useful Bonsai tips, from pruning to how to keep a Scotts Pine alive!

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