The Best Bonsai Tree Gift Ideas

I received my first ever bonsai as a Christmas gift so I know first hand how exciting it can be. Bonsai trees make for a great gift for family, friends or loved ones but what is the best bonsai tree to give as a gift? In this article I break down the best potential gifts and the reasoning behind them!


The best bonsai tree to give someone for a gift will be an indoor tree that is easy to look after. These bonsai trees include the Money Tree, Ficus, Chinese Elm and Jade. The tree species are all cheap, can be grown indoors and are hassle free to care for, making them a perfect gift. Keep reading for more information!

What Goes Into Picking A Bonsai Tree?

Bonsai trees aren’t meant to be like buying someone a bunch of flowers, these trees are supposed to live for a long time! In fact, a lifetime at least if cared for properly. There are a few things to make sure you think about before choosing a bonsai tree for someone, as these can be very complicated to look after.


Firstly, would they want the bonsai indoors or in the garden? Not all bonsai are indoor trees, although this is what most people are going to prefer as a gift as the majority of people despise going out into the garden in bad weather. If you think the recipient of this gift would appreciate an indoor tree, you’re able to choose from any sub tropical or tropical tree species. See my article here for Most Popular Indoor Bonsai Trees.


Outdoor grown species like a Japanese White Pine wouldn’t be able to survive indoors in the hot climate all year round, so make sure you aren’t trying to get an outdoor tree for them. Should the recipient of this bonsai gift have a green thumb and love working in the garden everyday, an outdoor species might be perfect! There are some truly beautiful outdoor bonsai to choose from, such as the Crab Apple that produces lovely flowers in the summer.


Secondly you need to think about just what they might actually like. Unfortunately I can’t really help you here, if you know the person really well there’s a chance you might be able to figure out what kind of bonsai they would want as a gift! My partner got me a Chinese Elm for my first tree simply because I had been ranting on about how much I liked them and looking at them online for weeks.


The Money Tree

Lucky Money Tree – Photo From Pinterest
I touched on this in my ‘Are Bonsai Trees Lucky?‘ article but the Money Tree is the perfect bonsai gift! It really ticks all of the boxes. The money tree is cheap, easy to care for, easy to buy and it is said to bring luck to the owner!
The tree is also rumored to have some other amazing powers such as defusing arguments, bringing peace and harmony to a household and even helping cure sleep problems. You can pick this tree up on Amazon here!

The Ficus Bonsai Tree

Photo Credit –
The Ficus makes a great bonsai tree gift, especially for beginners! These trees live a very long time, they can be grown indoors, they’re easy to care for, cheap and they look amazing! The Ficus is a must have for every bonsai collection, even for the most experience enthusiasts as there is so much you can do with them.

The Chinese Elm

Photo Credit – CryptoKing21 On Reddit
This tree makes an amazing bonsai gift, I know this because I was gifted it by my girlfriend years ago! The Chinese Elm is cheap, easy to care for, grown indoors or outdoors, very fun and prune and really quite hard to kill!

The Jade Bonsai Tree

Photo From Littlejadebonsai
I’ve recently come into owning one of these amazing trees and I can honestly say it would make a great bonsai tree gift, especially for someone who forgets to water plants! Besides looking stunning, these trees store a huge amount of water like a succulent, making them low maintenance and near impossible to kill.
I couldn’t find a great product on Amazon when it comes to the Jade. I would advise checking the local bonsai nursery or garden center though as they’re extremely common!

Buying Bonsai Tools Instead

If you’re trying to buy a bonsai related gift for someone already into the hobby, what about buying them a tool set instead of a tree. There are a surprising amount of tools that are needed to look after a bonsai tree and I’m yet to meet an enthusiast that doesn’t take pride in the tools they use.
Photo From Amazon

This bonsai tool kit comes with the 6 essential pieces of kit needed to care for and prune a bonsai tree! You can pick this up on Amazon for just £24.99!

Final Thoughts

Buying a bonsai tree is a great gift for someone as you will bring joy into their lives for hopefully a very long time! The best bonsai tree to give as a gift is going to be a species that is easy to look after, cheap and can live happily indoors. If you have no luck finding a tree you want to give, have a look into buying bonsai related tools which make a great gift for someone that already has a few bonsai trees!


As someone that has received a gifted bonsai tree I can honestly say it continues to bring joy into my life all these years later and it was one of the best presents I have ever received.

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