Why Is My Juniper Bonsai Tree Yellowing?

A Juniper bonsai turning yellow really isn’t a good sign, it tends to mean that the tree is slowly but surely dying, most likely due to growing indoors, as the Juniper is an outdoor bonsai. Luckily, if you have caught the yellowing soon enough, the majority of the time a Juniper can be saved from dying!

What Causes The Yellowing?

The Juniper bonsai is turning yellow simply because it has the wrong conditions to survive in – with the correct conditions, the tree will be nursed back to health and vigor. Bonsai trees, including the Juniper tree, are pretty good at telling us when the conditions are not sufficient for healthy development and yellowing is just one of those signs. If the bonsai is in a perfect environment with all its needs being met, it won’t yellow, so it’s clearly getting too much or too little of something.

How To Cure The Yellowing?

-Keep your Juniper bonsai outside. The most common cause of a Juniper yellowing is being kept indoors, when it is in fact an outdoor bonsai.

-Ensure that you’re consistently watering the Juniper. Push your finger roughly an inch into the soil to see if the soil is slightly damp. If it feels dry, you need to water the bonsai. If it’s nice and moist, check again later as it doesn’t need to be watered right away.

-Mist the foliage once or twice per day. This is an overlooked but pretty important step, especially in hotter climates.

-Make sure the bonsai isn’t in too much direct sunlight. Although any bonsai loves sunlight, too much sun and hot temperatures aren’t going to do the Juniper too much good. I would definitely recommend finding a partly shaded area.

Following these steps should definitely help your Juniper be nursed back to health, providing that you caught the yellowing before the tree completely died. I would recommend checking out this specific Juniper Bonsai Guide from Bonsai Empire, to learn more about your species of tree to avoid anything like yellowing happening again in the future!

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