Will My Bonsai Tree Get Bigger?

If you’re trying to make your Bonsai look a certain way, I’m sure the thought, ‘will my bonsai tree get bigger?’, has crossed your mind once or twice.
Bonsai trees, like normal trees, are capable of growing bigger. By keeping a bonsai in a small pot and regularly pruning the tree, you can limit the trees growth to where it seems your bonsai never gets bigger. Let’s look at this in more detail…

Green-leafed Bonsai Plant

The Bonsai Pot

When you see bonsai trees they are usually in tiny pots, for a few reasons. Obviously there is the aesthetic of having the tree in the pot, which is seen in all bonsais. The literal translation of bonsai tree is ‘planted in a container’. Having the bonsai in a pot restricts the root growth, meaning there’s a limit to how much the tree can actually grow. If you repot the bonsai at any point you’ll notice that the roots are normally very tight and twisted due to being compact in the pot.
Three Green Assorted Plants in White Ceramic Pots
Having a large pot for your bonsai will allow the roots to grow a lot more and in turn, grow the bonsai larger over a period of time. There isn’t technically a reason why you have to use a special bonsai pot for this, I used just a standard pot when looking to grow my first bonsai out. The only thing I would say is that if you plan on bringing your bonsai tree back to a bonsai pot at some point, you’ll have a lot of root pruning to do if you use a random sized pot, which can put additional stress on the tree for a few weeks.
Whether you decide to use a larger pot for your bonsai or not is really up to you but make sure you have drainage holes in whatever you end up using. Without drainage holes, no matter how resilient of a species you have, it will most likely die as the roots start to rot. Having a few drainage holes covered by mesh sheets is like having a safety net, ensuring that you can never really over water your tree and drown it.
Photo By bonsaidilettante

Look at the size of this bonsai! You’re looking at a 1000 year old Ficus, currently known to be the oldest bonsai tree in the world! Notice how the tree has grown huge yet is still in proportion to the pot it sits in… That’s the secret.


Person Holding Blue and Green Plastic Toy Gun
Bonsai trees do grow, just like a normal tree, In terms of the growth, compared to the size of the tree, they can grow extremely fast in the right conditions. So why does it seem like they never grow?
When you’re pruning your bonsai tree, every few weeks in the summer months, you’re removing any growth that has occurred, in order to achieve the desired shape of your bonsai. It’s not that bonsais don’t grow, it’s that if they aren’t pruned the tree will just look like a nursery plant after a few months – hence why people like to regularly prune. If you’re looking to get your hands on some pruning scissors, I would definitely check out Bonsai Boy of New York. You’ve probably seen me mention them on here before if you’re a regular viewer of the blog and it’s because they’re the place to go to for anything bonsai related! I’ve linked a pair of scissors here to check out, they’ve been a life saver for me when it comes to keeping my bonsai pruned.
It’s worth noting that aggressively pruning the tree will put a lot of stress on the bonsai and could make the tree start dropping leaves. If this happens, keep the tree watered and with a lot of light over the following weeks – try to avoid stressing the bonsai anymore with wiring and pruning until the new buds are growing healthy.

How To Make My Bonsai Tree Get Bigger

It’s pretty simple, just let it grow! Given light, water and the right temperature, a bonsai tree will naturally grow in season. If you’re looking to grow the size of the trunk and branches, I would recommend a few things that worked for me..
Firstly, repotting the bonsai. 
When a tree is in a bonsai pot, you’re restricting the potential root growth, which in turn will reduce the potential growth of your tree. If you are looking to increase the size of your bonsai tree, you need to pot it in a large pot.
When I was growing my Chinese Elms’ size, I used a standard planting pot instead of a bonsai pot. This allowed the roots of the tree to grow out and over the growing seasons the bonsai did get bigger, to my relief. Definitely check out Home Garden Ornaments for some plant pots if you’re in need of a new one. They have loads of options in all shapes, sizes and colours- I’ve bought a fair few from them myself and they’ve been really high quality too, considering the price! Some of my favourites are the Satina Duo Pot, the Keramo Pot, and the Sahara Oval Pot. I would also recommend checking out their flower saucers if you’re in need of a humidity tray.
Repotting a bonsai can put a lot of stress on the tree, especially if you cut away some of the root mass to stimulate new root growth. For the following weeks after, definitely keep a check on the health of the tree and give it whatever it needs to stay healthy. To ensure you do this correctly, have a read of my step by step guide: How To Repot A Bonsai Tree.
Soil is super important to a bonsai, I would recommend using specialist bonsai soil. By using the wrong soil it could retain too much water, which causes the roots to start rotting away. By having a nicely mix bonsai soil, or creating your own, it’s going to have the perfect balance of water drainage and retention, to allow the tree to stay healthy and grow larger. Check out this bonsai soil to ensure your roots are the healthiest they can be.
Secondly, stop pruning. 
I would recommend you stop pruning the bonsai for months. When trying to grow out my Chinese Elm bonsai to get bigger, I stopped pruning all together for a few months during the growth period. This made the bonsai look more like a shrub than a bonsai but I did notice a nice size increase in the tree.
After the growing seasons I pruned the tree back down, ready for the dormant period. Some people choose to leave all of the excess growth for years, to really get a nice big tree – but of course that’s down to you and the goal of your tree.
Personally, I would lean towards buying a larger nursery plant and cutting it back to a bonsai, rather than trying to completely change the tree you already own. Although trees will grow and your bonsai will get bigger regardless, it’s not going to be a fast journey at all. Using tips shared in my article about Making Bonsai Trees Grow Faster, could be useful to you but you’re still looking at a long time to have a big bonsai tree.
Photo From Flickr

This beautiful tree is living proof that bonsai trees get bigger. You’re looking at one of the largest and oldest bonsai trees in the world currently, in fact it actually made it onto my 8 Oldest Bonsai Trees list!

Final Thoughts

In the right conditions, a bonsai tree will grow bigger. To grow bigger a bonsai tree just needs more room for the roots to spread out, so repotting a tree into a larger bonsai pot is the best way to get it to grow larger. Providing the tree is healthy and in the right environment, a bonsai will achieve a lot of growth every spring and summer before becoming dormant in the winter.
Bonsai trees are only small because we want them to be small, they can get bigger!

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